Okay, Fondant cakes are beautiful!

The pristine finish it provides is unsurpassed in its visual esthetic.

And it tastes terrible.

See, that's the problem. I haven't met one client that has said, "Boy, do I love fondant!!" Not once!! The problem becomes that, when you place value on style over substance, the end result is almost always disappointing. 

When I started making wedding cakes, I would page through magazines and admire these works of art with envy of what I perceived as perfection. But as my business grew and I began meeting with couples, I found that people would talk of how beautiful the fondant cakes were, but how little attention was paid to the actual cake. If the taste of the cake isn't memorable, it doesn't matter how beautiful the exterior of the finished product is.

As I researched different types of frostings, I found that, while anything can be called buttercream, only Italian Meringue , Swiss Meringue or French Buttercream are the real deal.  At johnjeanjuan, Italian Meringue and French Buttercreams are used to create our cakes.

We'll talk about these three variations in detail in our next post.